Wednesday 29 November 2023

Serious And Funny - new edition of what's on my hard drive Nov 2023

 Serious AF presents the following ideas for November 2023 


#SeriousAF #seriousAndFunny

New ideas and music in November 2023

Mairk comes up with new music project with Rich G - Club 80

Soon to be released on major platforms - new music from Rich G and Mairk

Serious and Funny hashtag #SeriousAF 
As an overthinker and sense of humour afficionado I created this concept to portray all that I am about.

FAKE brand - open source brand ( FAKE - LONDON ) - use it befor a big corporate buys it up.
#FakeLondon #Fake

New project - doubles with Rich G - coming soon new track Every night.
Teaser image on demand.

Thursday 21 September 2023

New Old Freddie Mercury Book

At last in e-book format the paperback from Melina Richmond.

dnldr releases 2023


Mairk - If I Can Love You

Andy Touch - Spinning In A Web

Chip N Pin - I Don't Do So Well When You're Not Around

Hold On - Jardaker

Unrest at Home - Chip N Pin

Mairk - Hey You, You're Tweets Look Pretty Tonight

Jardaker - Can't be without you

Jardaker - Tell Me