Monday 19 December 2016

Who is you tube nick and how youtube replaced santa #youtubeNick

I'm referring to the track known as Happy 2017 ( You Tube Nick ) which is part of the You Tube X Factory 2016 Christmas Number One competition.

The organisers, London based producers PUMK2015 wrote the song with the following in mind.

Just like "video killed the radio star", streaming and casting has killed off telly. Producer Oncle Gilbert explains, "The capabilities of youtube compete with santa. Imagine being able to give the gift of video to everyone in the world all at the same time. We imagined You Tube Nick as a replacement for Old Nick". With that in mind the concept of You Tube Nick was born.

The PUMK team then created a talent competition along the lines of TV talent competitions, this time the competition was to create an actual track using vocal talent from around the world.

The competition has already attracted attention from many nations, with the first entry being by rinewolve, a Romanian based vocal talent.

We hope you enjoy You Tube Nick. Happy 2017!


Saturday 3 December 2016

Taking part in the 2016 You Tube X Factory Christmas Single

Here's the steps on taking part. Read this all the way through and any questions, please either add a comment or contact us at

Here's the Onedrive folder where all the are for download!Aq3fa3jtbwiGh5QguxpZjjs88x1Drg

Here are the steps.

1. register - so we have your name, email address and a phone number to contact you. We will probably only call you to arrange studio time if we need to. Here's the link with the registration form.

2. download / print the file YouTubers2017.docx - this is the lyric sheet on the onedrive folder.

3. download the vocal guide from the onedrive folder ( its me singing over the backing track and is only as a guide to help you learn the song )

4. learn the song

5. download the backing track 

The backing track is available for download at soundcloud and can be downloaded using

6. Record your version - vocal / instument

This is the part where you will be playing along / singing along / goofing around along with the track.
Its more important that your performance is recorded as we will mix in the track later.
Here's some tips on how to do this.

If you have your own equipment:
a. If you are a youtuber this should be pretty straightforward - play the track, record yourself singing / playing along and then send us the video to us via our onedrive - we'll mix it into our final track and also publish your video on our channel

b. If you have a home studio / equipment / studio
Record the track with your vocal / performance and send us a wav / mp3 file which we will mix into the track / video.

If you don't have your own equipment
c. Record the track using your ipad / iphone / smartphone - You'll need a smartphone / laptop / ipad  and possibly a friend. You'll need to play the track and at the same time as recording your performance. The backing track can play quietly in the background while you do what you do best - sing, play perform. Either video or audio is fine. You can get the track to us by uploading to a private / unlisted youtube or private track on soundcloud if its just audio. Or we can send you a onedrive link and you can upload.

d. studio time - if you can meet in London or get to Kent then we can record with our mobile studio.
This will only happen if you really don't have any kit or the quality of what you send us isn't usable.

In all cases you'll need to register with us.

What's the plan?
As each entry comes in, we will start promoting the track / youtube channel.
You'll also be encouraged to help us share the track on social media.
Our aim is to make a master track of all the entries around 15th December and the big promotion will start then with everyone contributing to this.

Good luck and look forward to working with you on the Christmas Number One!