Monday 28 November 2016

Got talent? The hunt for You Tube X Factory Chistmas / New Year Music Talent

Sign up now to be part of the X Factory 2016 / 2017

We're launching a single in mid December for the X Mas number 1 and looking for talent to join us. If you are a singer, youtuber, instrumentalist, drummer, guitarist, then consider joining up. Your talent will be recognised in our mutli mix track. Here are the steps.

1. Join below when you will receive the info pack via email.
2. Download the Karaoke track - this is what you will sing / play along to.
3. For vocalists - download the vocal guide (track with lyrics) and the lyrics sheet.
4. Learn the track - practise along
5. record the track - video, etc.
 6. upload to our cloud and your track will be mixed / broadcast as needed.
7. Spread the word - share on facebook / twitter #YTX2016

Mobile number:

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