Tuesday 9 May 2017

Played It Twice (Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody / David Bowie: Changes)

Rainbows, memories and reflections.

Sunday 29th April 2017

Mark from PUMK2015 was relaxing in his studio and listening to the vocal guide of their new tune, 'Played It Twice'. The rainclouds broke and brilliant sunshine came through. Mark was reflecting on a trip he'd taken one summer and how one of his friends joining them had passed away since. Suddenly the phone rang.

It was his neighbour telling him that a rainbow had appeared at the front of the house. Time to investigate. What he saw next filled his heart with joy. A double rainbow.

The song was due to be recorded in the studio on 20th May, however an interesting twist in the story is that the surviving friends from the trip were attending a reunion. So Mark stuck with the vocal guide for the time being and attended the reunion. Here's the youtube video.

Played It Twice - PUMK2015 Vocal Guide

Notes for the song/video Played It Twice ( Bohemian Rhapsody )
A tune about a trip taken by 4 teenagers one summer holiday. Escaping the city they travel west.Only three friends survive now and the remaining friends still have fond memories of their time away. The song, Bohemian Rhapsody featured in the trip as it was played on their tape deck as they drove along and sang to it.

bohemian rhapsody
david bowie
calvin harris
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