Friday 15 January 2021

Are we now in the tip economy?

Tip Jar

The gig economy was a major source of income for some before 2020 with mini jobs or gigs being promoted such as Uber drivers, Deliveroo riders and of course Fiverr, where you could find a person who would do anything for a small fee! These gigs or small one of jobs were a way of getting a micro service performed.

That sort of dwindled for some sectors in lockdown 2020 where the general economy slowed down. Some industries such as delivery carried on nicely, where goods were still being made, e.g. food. Others who performed real gigs with people ( musicians, choristers, actors ) found their income cut off.

A new type of economy flourished in 2020 where those in work perhaps felt more generous towards people who's industries were eliminated. We started to see artists getting tipped or paid via patreon which allows an artist to collect money for their content. Projektor Digital started a music streaming service which rewarded artists for sharing their work online and a new #TipEconomy was born.

So how can you take advantage of the tip economy? Depends which category you fall into. Check out the 2 ways to get involved below...

You are a maker of media or content.

Head over to where you can create a wiki page and start collecting tips from your fans. One such example is the musical artist Mairk -

Once you have created your wiki page, you can share it with your fans with the following message...

Check out my new wiki page and if you like my music, consider leaving a donation at

You are a consumer.

That means you will want to give your favourite artists a tip. There are a couple of steps. 
1. find their page
2. If their page doesn't exist you can create it - its a wiki after all
3. Donate via the link
4. Share their wiki page link - as a comment on their instagram, facebook post or youtube video, e.g.

Thanks Mairk - I've just sent you a gift of £5 at

So I hope you enjoy participating in the new 'tip' economy.  #TipEconomy

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