Saturday 4 February 2017

A day out at a fun fair in the 80s leads to true love

London 4th February 2017

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Moving from demo to studio

Following on from the original demo (story below), here's some still pictures from the original video and the youtube video. This version of ( You Help Me ) Show My Love - #yhmSML has vocal work from rinewolve ( at fiverr ) with Words and Tunes from Mark N Hopgood a.k.a. PUMK2015

Jessica ( Jess ) - one of the characters from the 80s Funfair Mix video, looking up at the rollercoaster

Jennifer ( Jeni ) - another character from the 80s Funfair Mix video chewing on Michael's gherkin

Jeni and Jess fight over Michael's gherkin - before going on the roller coaster.



Contact for any information re licencing the track.
Unprocessed video available on request

Background story behind this track
where the demo came from and more...

When Mark N Hopgood, producer known as PUMK2015 was going through his 80s tapes, alongside Spinach Vibes from Ronny was a tape he didn't remember. So it was time to dust off the old tape machine and have a listen.

The tape in question was labelled ( You Make Me ) Show My Love and marked with a master sticker in red and on the case was written Demo.

What happened next was the stuff of legend. The tape played wonderfully and it all started coming back to Mark, aka Oncle Gilbert, Record Producer for Fade File Publishing. It was an old demo he had put together many years ago, before he'd even had a track played on radio.

So this demo has now been sent off for re-recording and mastering with Mark's favourite female vocalist "rinewolve". Stay tuned for the release. In the meantime, here's a recreation of that initial play of the demo itself, never before heard until now.

So for your enjoyment we present the rediscovered, previously lost and hidden demo of the forthcoming track ( You Make Me ) Show My Love, exclusively via YTX Factory.

Of course this is just a story. What really happens is up to you.

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