Saturday 5 December 2020

how pop socks got their name

Full disclosure, I am not associated with hosiery manufacturers.

My main role as a musician and pop producer is getting the best out of people's vocals.
I have been thinking for a while about pop shields which are used to stop huge pops in the recordings of vocals caused mostly by the letter P.

It has been said that you can buy a pop shield or make one out of tights or pantyhose instead. I thought this was a myth. However I noticed the other day that one of the greatest musical collaborations, USA for Africa might have had a huge influence on the naming of Pop Socks and of the use of tights or pantyhose as a pop shield.

Here's a still image from the 'we are the world' video.
You can see Bruce Springsteen here singing into a frilly topped pop sock stretched over a coat hanger. Jan 28th 1985.

The full video can be seen on YouTube where several pairs can be seen being used by many musical artists.

So my take on this is that pop socks became so known after this event. 

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