Monday 19 December 2016

Who is you tube nick and how youtube replaced santa #youtubeNick

I'm referring to the track known as Happy 2017 ( You Tube Nick ) which is part of the You Tube X Factory 2016 Christmas Number One competition.

The organisers, London based producers PUMK2015 wrote the song with the following in mind.

Just like "video killed the radio star", streaming and casting has killed off telly. Producer Oncle Gilbert explains, "The capabilities of youtube compete with santa. Imagine being able to give the gift of video to everyone in the world all at the same time. We imagined You Tube Nick as a replacement for Old Nick". With that in mind the concept of You Tube Nick was born.

The PUMK team then created a talent competition along the lines of TV talent competitions, this time the competition was to create an actual track using vocal talent from around the world.

The competition has already attracted attention from many nations, with the first entry being by rinewolve, a Romanian based vocal talent.

We hope you enjoy You Tube Nick. Happy 2017!


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