Tuesday 21 July 2020

Comparing revenue for artists in streaming platforms.

Projektor Digital recently launched their streaming platform for Music. With an already squeezed artist comunity and many venues shutting down, we're hoping that this will be some good news.

Ricardo Vasques, CEO and founder of Projektor Digital was interviewed about the key parts of the service.

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Ricardo Vasques, CEO and founder of Projektor Digital

X: What is Projektor Digital?

R: Our service allows artists to publish to all streaming platforms and share playlists with their fans.

X: What are the key Projektor Digital differences?

R: There are 3 main differences between other services

1. We are a service focused on the artist, less on the consumer.

2. We have a different way of delivering royalties. On top of the usual pay per play mode, we let the artist receive additional revenue through a referral code. Their fans can support them directly, contributing to their monthly income.

3. Focus on providing a fair service. There are no curated playlists. Everyone has a fair chance, so if you produce a pop track, you will be on the pop playlist.

X: What artists are welcome on the platform?

R: We are encouraging independent artists and smaller labels.

X: Thanks for sharing, we are looking forward to hearing more from you.

R: Thanks.

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Ricardo Vasques artist VCore

So, how do the streaming services compare?
Currently streaming services have a pay per play model.

The most popular service, Spotify gives you up to $0.005 per play ( 1/2 US cent )
The fairest service, Napsterp gives up to $0.019 per play ( 1.9 US cent per play )

In comparison, Projektor Digital gives the artist up to $2.54 per play*

Projektor Digital is a streaming service for independent artists.
Listen to a sample playlist at:

* earned monthly as part of the referral code. Total earnings unlimited.