Monday 13 April 2020

Reviewing keyboards for home / learning piano


Fun stuff

Width of keyboard: min 5 octaves

e.g. Yamaha PSR-E363
this one has a great sound and is user friendly.
has some nice piano sounds and learning features including notes on the music staff on screen.
about £154
I'd recommend this to start with.


There is an EW ( extra wide ?) which has all the keys of a piano - well almost
and it has 2 x 12 W amplifiers, so a little louder.


Then there is pure piano...

All the keys and a great sound.

Roland FP-10


I would buy this, but I already have a keyboard and only one corner for musi.
The hammer action is something that gives the authentic feel of a piano, but as I said before it
However - even though it has no screen, check out the 5 mins in has a great app which looks fantastic. If you have an ipad say