Thursday 2 January 2020

Looking for singers wanting to kick start their music career in 2020

At You Tube X Factory we're excited to anounce a new collaboration with record label dnldr, producer Oncle Gilbert and Rachel M Starr Lyricist.

The dnldr team is looking to help new artists in the following way.

Writing new exclusive music
Building an online profile
Creating a Spotify Artist profile
Building your following as an artist

There are several requirements:

1. you have social media accounts e.g. facebook, instagram etc.
2. you have or have access to a paid Spodity account.
3. you have access to a recording studio, a microphone and a PC or are willing to travel to London
4. you are willing to spend 30 minutes a day as part of our online community
5. have an example of your singing online - either video on facebook / youtube or soundcloud etc.

This is an opportunity to kick start your career in music in 2020 and build a profile and potential means to becoming a professional artist.

To get started:

Join us on the dnldr for artists facebook page

Have a listen to some of our tracks from 2019