Wednesday 4 January 2017

How to generate an income using your music and dnldr

As a professional pop producer, I'm always looking to new unique ways to promote my music. This blog post will help you decide whats best for you and give you a new and unique way of promoting your music online.

dnldr promote your music - Thanks morguefile @rollingroscoe for image

Q. What's the difference between a professional and amateur musician?
A: Professionals get paid, amateurs do not.

Anyway here's what's required to in terms of effort to make the move from amateur to professional -

Assuming you have a high res WAV file and MP3 file, professionally produced and mastered, here are some options...

1. Play on BBC Radio 6 music - revenue approx £13 per play

a. Register with PRS and get a PRS ID
b. Create a BBC uploader account
c. Create a sound cloud account
d. Contact Tom Robinson at the bbc 6 music new music site
e. Upload your mp3 to soundcloud
f. Upload your mp3 to BBC introducing
g. Wait for an email from a producer who will hopefully add your track to the playlist

2. Sell on itunes - revenue $0.8 per sale

Using a service like catapult can get you in all the major stores such as itunes, amazon and streamers like Spotify.

Contact me for more details ( ) , but essentially its approx £95 per track and that gives you 95% of sales.

Here's whats involved:
 a. provide the text to go with your track
 b. provide the image to go with your track
 c. supply your paypal address
 d. upload the file

3.  use dnldr - ongoing revenue ~ $2 per subscriber per month

dnldr is a subscription based service that allows you to get a revenue share from a pool of subscribers.
It actively promotes your music on social media.

Here's how you get started..
a. register for the service
b. You provide your track in WAV and mp3 (hi def download is a key feature / USP of the site), image and text.
c. provide your paypal address to receive your payments

dnldr is currently running a kickstarter campaign - find out more by clicking the following link